Vita Flex® E-5000™

Vita Flex® E-5000™

Vita Flex® E-5000™ is a concentrated supplement of Vitamin E, an essential vitamin and important free radical scavenger widely recognized for its vital role in the maintenance of healthy cell membranes. Vita Flex® E-5000™ delivers 5000 IU of Vitamin E per ounce, in a highly stable form, blended with yeast culture and choice alfalfa meal. Scoop included.

Item Specifications:

Daily Dosage:
½ - 1 oz.

4 lb.


    Return Policy on Supplements:

    Due to safety concerns, supplements cannot be returned or exchanged.  There is no guarantee on results from horse supplements since, like humans, horses react differently to what they consume.  We encourage you to consult your veterinarian before choosing supplements.